pre-purchase inspections

Buying a house is usually the biggest purchase you will make in your life; so you need to be sure you're making the right decision. J&B Pest Control offer comprehensive pre-purchase pest inspections to give you peace-of-mind, that your dream home doesn't become your nightmare. And to make it even easier for our clients, we've teamed up with one of Mackay's best building companies to take care of the building inspection for you.

Our inspections

Inspections available at short notice

Fast turnaround times

Comprehensive written report

Can provide both Pest & Building Inspections

Pest inspection completed by qualified pest management specialist

Building inspection completed by qualified builder

Apartments, houses, rural & commercial properties

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Absolutely! A pest and building inspection carried out by licensed and qualified professionals is the best way to ensure the property you're looking to buy won't cost you tens of thousands later down the track.

It's not enough to rely on the previous owners for full disclosure, some sellers might omit any mention of issues, whilst many previous property owners don't even know they had a problem!

And never rely on a DIY inspection - whilst you may not see any sign of termites (yet), only a trained professional know the signs of infestations in their early stages.


  • Peace of mind that the property you're buying won't cost you more later down the track

  • Know that the property you're purchasing is worth the asking price

  • If issues are found, we can advise the cost of treatment and rectification to allow you to negotiate a better deal (or walk away)

  • Affordable inspection fees for all types of property

  • Quick turnaround and appointments available at short notice

  • Comprehensive written report

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